American Khichdi

American Khichdi

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ISBN 9780230637450
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

Book Summary of "American Khichdi"

A delightful cocktail of satire, wit & humour. A heady concoction

- Khushwant Singh

American Khichdi by Sunil Lala is a lively commentary on Indian and American cultures. The author boldly addresses and carefully dissects a wide range of issues confronting contemporary Indians. This well-written book is truly a khichdi – wonderful hodgepodge of feelings, a dizzying jumble of beliefs, and a fascinating assortment of contrasting ideas. Vividly capturing the dichotomy and idiosyncrasies of life as a quintessential desi, Sunil Lala speaks with a resounding and intelligent voice. With humor and heart and an edgy wit, he takes no prisoners as he zeroes in on the foibles and quirks of Americans, Indians, and NRIs in this stunning debut.
Table of Contents

  • The Premise

    Tryst with Destiny

    The Heat Wave

    An NRI's Dilemma

    Ready to Tango?

    The Ball Game

    The Toyota Syndrome

    The Big Day

    Confessions of an NRI

    Dear Doctor Sahib

    Sholay Redux

    Born Free

    Birth of an ABCD

    Death in an Alien Land