Derivatives and Risk Management

Derivatives and Risk Management

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ISBN 9789350590997
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Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

This book presents a detailed analysis of theoretical concepts and practical approach in derivatives – option, futures, forward, swap. It provides a deeper insight into the conceptual background as well as practical application of derivatives. Apart from discussing stock, index and commodity derivatives, the book discusses currency, energy and weather derivatives that are of recent origin.

Practical application of derivatives as a strategy for risk management and speculation has been explained using real-life prices of shares, index, commodities, currencies and derivatives based on these underlying assets. The book contains a good number of solved and unsolved questions on valuation of derivatives, risk management and strategic application of derivatives.

Salient Features

• Exhaustive and comprehensive coverage to all topics on derivatives – option, futures, forward, swap and others

• Complete coverage to stock, index, commodity, currency derivatives practices in India

• Solved and unsolved questions, annotations, box items and chapter end highlights

• Step-by-step explanation of valuation aspects of derivatives

• Strategic application of derivatives in risk management using real-life data

• Discussion on weather, energy and credit derivatives

• Glossary of derivatives

• Separate question bank
Table of Contents

  • Chapter One: Financial Markets And Derivatives

    Chapter Two: Derivatives: An Introduction

    Chapter Three: Derivatives Trading In India: An Overview

    Chapter Four: Risk And Derivatives Based Hedging Strategies

    Chapter Five: Strategies Using Derivatives: Combination And Spread

    Chapter Six: Valuation Of Option

    Chapter Seven: Valuation Of Futures

    Chapter Eight: The Greeks Of Option

    Chapter Nine: Interest Rate Derivatives: An Overview

    Chapter Ten: Currency Derivatives

    Chapter Eleven: Commodity Derivatives

    Chapter Twelve: Paradigm Shift In Derivatives Market – Weather, Energy And Credit Derivatives