Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws, and Theories

Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws, and Theories

Volume One: A - K
Subject: Encyclopedia
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ISBN 9780313340062
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Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
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Book Summary of "Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws, and Theories"

What is a scientific theory? How is it different from a law or a principle? And what practical is it? Science students, especially those new to studying the sciences, ask these questions everyday about these essential parts of a science education. To supports these students, the Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws, and Theories is designed to be an easy-to-understand, accessible, and accurate description of the most famous scientific concepts, principles, laws, and theories that are known in the areas of astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, medicine, meteorology, and physics. The encyclopedia contributes to the scientific literacy of students and the general public by providing them with a comprehensive but not overwhelming source of those scientific concepts, principles, laws and theories that impact every facet of their daily lives. The Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws, and Theories includes several hundred entries. For ease of use, entries are arranged alphabetically by the names of the men or women who are best-known for their discovery or development or after whom the particular scientific law or theory is named. Entries include:

# Calvin's Carbon Cycle

# Clausius's Laws and Theory of Thermodynamics

# Dicke's Theory of the Big Bang

# Gilbert's Theory of Magnetism

# Lysenko's Theory of the Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics

# Mohorovicic's Theory of the Earth's Interior Structure

# Ohm's Law

# Ulam's Monte Carlo System

Entries include a short biography of the main discoverers, as well as any information that was of particular relevance in the evolution of the scientific topic. The encyclopedia includes sidebars and examples of the usefulness of the theories, principles, and laws in everyday life, demonstrating that understanding these concepts have practical use. Each entry also includes resources for further research, and the encyclopedia includes a general bibliography of particularly useful primary and secondary source materials.
Table of Contents

  • # List of Entries

    # Preface

    # Definitions

    # The Entries: A to K