Enrich Your Personality

Enrich Your Personality

The Magic Key to Success
Subject: Spiritual and Self-Development
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ISBN 9780230324268
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

Enrich Your Personality is an attempt towards discovering your potential and utilizing it for gaining success in life, as well as in corporate life as a manager. Cherish your vision dreams, as they are children of your soul. ‘The man who actually knows what he wants in life has already gone a long way towards attaining it. Many who were born to win, live a loser’s life only because they do not trust their potential,’ believes Moid Siddiqui.

‘The thinking of Moid Siddiqui and his approach to life are more relevant than ever before in current times. Moid is a person who believes in what he writes about spiritualism,’ says Mr. R H Khwaja, Union Tourism Secretary, Government of India. Personality is considered, by most people, as a physical attribute with the intellectual add-up, where heart and soul have no role to play. Moid does not think so. ‘A personality, which is spiritually empty, ethically corrupted and morally decayed, cannot be called a human personality. At least I shall NOT,” writes the author. Interior is more important than exterior, yet many develop only that part of personality, which is visible. What you appear outwardly is not your true personality, your true personality is the invisible part of your body. While the physical aspect of personality is important, but one can never undermine the inner aspect. Your personality is a holistic representation of your body, mind and soul.

This book aims at developing both, your exterior and interior aspects. Many grow as Five-sensory Personality. A few grow as a Multi-sensory Personality. Success comes to those who know how to make a perfect balance between the two.
Table of Contents

  • Part I: Interior and Exterior of Personality
  • A: The Inner Self
  • Who are You?
  • The Triangle of Personality
  • What is Spirit or Soul
  • Three Types of Personalities
  • B: The Outer Self
  • The Exterior of Personality
  • Sense of Etiquettes
  • Part II: Three Corner Stones of Personality
  • Life Script
  • Thoughts
  • Attitude
  • Part III: Building a Towering Personality
  • Develop Positive Perspective
  • Envision and Search Meaning in Life
  • Discipline Your Personality
  • Create a Heart that Can Praise
  • Follow Buddha’s Eightfold Path
  • Learn the Art of Listening
  • Live Values and Be Virtuous
  • Part IV: The Magic Key to Success
  • Success Lies Within
  • Be Assertive
  • Be Proactive
  • Be ‘Finitiative’
  • Part V: Live a Total Quality Life for Success
  • 46 Tips
  • The Last Mega-tip: Recollect Your Spiritual Promise