Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

Subject: Human Resource Management
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ISBN 9789350590393
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management provides a solid foundation that builds a scientific base for the learner to apply HRM skills to the contemporary realities of today's corporate world besides exposing them to current and future challenges. This text brings basic concepts to life in the simplest possible form by connecting to real-life situations and emerging work life realities. The book focuses primarily on the modernist approach to HRM, while giving due importance to alternatives emerging from

Interdisciplinary research.

The objective of this book is to provide basic information about Human Resource Management, its importance and functions in today's organisation. Many books have been written on Human Resource Management, and most of these are based on the Western context covering advanced concepts; however, this book is specifically written in the Indian scenario and the basic concepts are explained in the easiest possible form.

This book is a valuable resource for students as well as young teachers who wish to know and understand the basics of Human Resource Management. The author hopes this book will help the readers to build the concepts of HRM at the basic level.
Table of Contents

  • Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Compensation Management
  • Promotion, Transfer, Demotion and Employee Separation
  • Industrial Relations in India
  • New Concepts in HRM