Geological Processes and Climate Change

Geological Processes and Climate Change

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ISBN 9780230321922
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About the Book

The theme of the publication covers a large number of aspects of climate change and environmental degradation arising out of the geological processes in the youngest period of geological time. It aims to explore the social and scientific issues connected with surface processes, as well as the current research on Quaternary geology, climate change and natural hazards.
Table of Contents

  • Carbonate Preservation and Monsoon Wind Induced Hydrographic Changes in the Eastern Arabian Sea during the Last 30 Kyr as Recorded by Pteropods
  • Fluctuations in Surface Productivity in the Eastern Indian Ocean during Pleistocene: Benthic Foraminifera at ODP Site762B
  • Coralline Algae from the Chaya Formation (Late Pleistocene-Holocene) from the North Dwarka Area, western India
  • Heavy Metal Hyper-Accumulation Hot-Spot Zones in Shallow Ground Waters from Quaternary Alluvium, Ankaleshwar Industrial Estate: Implications on Remedial Measures
  • Solute Chemistry and Quality Assessment of Mine Water in Damodar Valley Coalfields
  • Impact of Sedimentation on Hydrological Behavior of Mansar Lake (J & K), using Isotopes
  • Quaternary Vegetation and Climate Change in Central Narmada Valley: Palynological Records from Hominin Bearing Sedimentary Successions
  • Pollen Analysis of Late Holocene Lacustrine Sediment from Jeypore Reserve Forest, Dibrugarh, Assam
  • Modern Pollen Rain over Bharatpur Wetland Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India
  • Interpretation of the Apparent Ages in the Ladakh and Lahaul-Spiti Quaternary Lacustrine Sediments
  • Distinction between Interfluve (Doab) and Sensu stricto Active Floodplain deposits of the Lower Siwalik Subgroup, Kumaun Himalaya, India
  • Sediment Yield Index for Prioritization of Chopan Watershed, Guna District, (M.P.), Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
  • Tectonic Geomorphology of the Chang River Basin in SE Wagad, Kachchh, Western India
  • Neotectonics and Environmental Degradation in the Auli-Joshimath Area, Garhwal Himalaya
  • Geological Signatures of Active Tectonics along the Nalagarh Thrust in Nalagarh-Bagheri Sector of the Northwestern Himalaya, India
  • Neotectonic Imprints and its Implications on Hydrocarbon Occurences in North-Eastern India (North Assam Shelf)
  • Source of Increasing 87Sr/86Sr Ratio in Marine Water: Himalaya or Ganga Alluvial Plain (GAP)?
  • Spatial and Temporal Variations in the Lakes and Ponds of the Interfluve Areas of Ganga Plain in the ~Past Hundred Years
  • Shallow Subsurface Facies of the Chhoti Gandak River Basin, Ganga Plain, India
  • Giant Ground Fissures from the South of Ganga Basin: Evidences of Neotectonism in Northern Part of Bundelkhand Craton
  • Phytotoxicity of Heavy Metals (Ni and Cr) in Industrial Effluent on Beta vulgaris L. Plants Grown on Gomti Upland Soil of Lucknow
  • Weathering and Chemical Variability in Ganga Plain Sediments
  • Geomorphology of the Midre Loven Glacier, Ny-Alesund, Svalbard, Arctic
  • Evaluating a Paraglacial Hypothesis in Alaknanda River Valley, NW Himalaya
  • Index