India and the United States

India and the United States

Breakthroughs, Prospects and Challenges Ahead
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ISBN 9780230636293
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Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
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This work explores the strategic political and economic dynamics of India-US relations by examining the qualitative changes that have taken place in recent years. While a realistic appraisal of the strategic necessities of our time may have been the principle motivator of the recent upsurge in India-US relations, what is often ignored are the other equally important determinants that are helping to strengthen relations between India and the United States. The focus of this study is on these latter, i.e. economic stakeholders, interest and lobbying groups, think tanks and the American community of Indian origin, who all have been the drivers of the new US policy towards India. This work profiles these stakeholders, makes an appraisal of their interests and makes an assessment of their role in moving India-US relations into high gear. The work also explores the nature and structure of the US political system in order to arrive at an understanding of the decision-making process that encourages the rise of lobbying and interest-group politics in the United States. Equally important, it also assesses the challenges that lie ahead. This study would be of considerable interest to policy-makers, corporate houses and others interested in the strengthening of India-US relations.
Table of Contents

  • Foreword


    Chapter 1 - India-US Strategic and Economic Relations

    Chapter 2 - The Role of Interest Groups, Lobby Firms and Think Tanks

    Chapter 3 - US Corporate and Business Groups as Stakeholders

    Chapter 4 - The Impact of Indian-Americans and Diaspora Groups