India - Inclusive Growth and Service Delivery: Building on India's Success

India - Inclusive Growth and Service Delivery: Building on India's Success

World Bank Development Policy Review
Subject: Economics
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India has been very successful on a number of fronts: the country has maintained electoral democracy, reduced absolute poverty by more than half, dramatically reduced illiteracy and vastly improved health conditions. However achievements create new challenges and this report focuses on two of these:

Improving core publicly provided services

The report emphasizes the importance of effective systems of accountability and discusses four avenues for reform: internal reform of public sector agencies; producing regular and reliable information for citizens; strengthening local governments and decentralizing responsibilities; and expanding the role of non-state providers. It however cautions that planned reform alone cannot bring about the desired changes - ultimately implementation is everything.

Maintaining rapid and inclusive growth

For India to continue its rapid growth while also expanding this growth across regions, sectors, and people, the report suggests: remove key binding constraints of poor infrastructure and high fiscal deficits; focus on reforms that both improve economic efficiency and spread the benefits of growth such as changing labor regulations to spur job creation and reforming the financial sector; raise agricultural productivity by returning to investments in technology and infrastructure; improve the climate for growth in lagging states and regions by ensuring law and order and reducing the regulatory burden; and empower the poor through proactive policies and programs that assist them to take part in the market on fair and equitable terms.