Indian Billionaires' Secrets of Wealth

Indian Billionaires' Secrets of Wealth

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ISBN 9780230331396
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

This book is the record of the lives and successes of 18 representative billionaires in India. All the details of their business as well as skills are recorded in this book, in particular, the success factors and strategy. Not only their success or strategy but also their difficulties, obstacles and failures are enumerated. Nothing guarantees success as our daily lives do. We might be able to find out how they managed assorted hardships, and problems and achieved success. Their pains and sorrows, frustrations, delights, loves, challenges and achievements before they became billionaires, are described in this book. This book can serve as an introduction and guide for people who want to be rich through business or investments, and have successful lives.

This book focuses on not only how they made money but also how they spent money, because Indian entrepreneurs are very conscious of the social responsibility as entrepreneurs.

This book highlights lifestyles and strategies of success of billionaires in India including chronicling their enterprises, their cultures and economic status, etc. In this aspect, this book can satisfy those who want to know about the representative enterprises as well as entrepreneurs in ‘India, the rising economic power.
Table of Contents

  • Section – I: Think Big and Dream Big
  • King of Telecom from Bicycle Parts Merchant
  • World’s Biggest Real Estate Tycoon
  • The ‘Rockefeller of India’: Creating Wealth
  • Section – II: Transform Crisis into an Opportunity
  • Became an ‘IT Emperor’ after Running Cooking
  • A Man Who Changed ‘Wind’ to Gold
  • Making Millionaire Employees
  • The World is Flat
  • Section – III: Create a ‘Blue Ocean’ through Innovation
  • Living Legend among Indian Businessmen
  • ‘Steel King’ Who Went Beyond Carnegie
  • Became ‘Emperor of Bollyhood’ by Indomitable
  • Section – IV: Foresee the Future Trend and Act before Others
  • From Hemp Cloth Merchant to the King of a Global Enterprise
  • Small Investments to a Gigantic Financial Group Owner
  • Big Hit with ‘Chaos Marketing’ in Distribution
  • Epilogue