Indian Supply Chain Architecture

Indian Supply Chain Architecture

Subject: Production, Materials and Project Management
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ISBN 9780230633773
Binding Hard cover
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

Increased globalisation, enhanced customer focus on product variety and on-time deliveries, and shortening of product life cycles have forced organisations to collaborate with supply chain partners. The ability of organisations to maintain competitiveness in such a scenario will depend on their pace of managing their supply chains effectively.

Indian Supply Chain Architecture begins with an introduction to the challenges faced by businesses today and focuses on India’s competitiveness in this context. Explaining the what, how and whys of SCM practices in India across all supply chain processes, the book discusses the role of Information Technology in managing supply chains. While quantifying benefits garnered by the adopters of SCM, the book draws a framework of performance metrics to control and manage supply chains. It presents a comprehensive methodology to assess the alignment of supply chain strategy with the overall business strategy along the dimensions of objectives, processes and management focus. A summary of trends and opportunities for supply chains in the Indian industry in the light of present economic scenario and competitiveness is one of the salient features of the book.

The book provides sufficient information and sustains readers’ interest to learn and practice the on-going and developing practices in the field of supply chain architecture. It addresses the needs of business executives, management professionals, and supply chain practitioners as well as students of business schools.
Table of Contents

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    1. Supply Chain Management: An Impertive for Business Excellence

    2. Supply Chain: Basics and Beyond

    3. Supply Chain Practices

    4. e-Supply Chain Management

    5. Supply Chain Performance Measurement

    6. Supply Chain: Sectoral Studies

    7. Supply Chain: Global Practices

    8. Supply Chain Architecture

    9. Supply Chains of the Future

    Appendix 1: Questionnaire Used for the Survery

    Appendix 2: List of Responding Organisations