International English for Call Centres

International English for Call Centres

Language, Culture and Empathy (CD Included)
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ISBN 9780230638969
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

Adjudged as "Highly Commended" - HRH the Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union English Language Book Award 2009

If you are in the call-centre industry or dealing with the UK over the phone or face to face, this book and CD pack will help you communicate better. It shows you how to make the jump from Indian English to International English as used in the UK, the differences between UK and Indian communication styles, how to probe cultural references you don't understand and to build empathy with the people you deal with. And it provides you with a galaxy of follow-up resources you can use to improve your English and knowledge of life in the UK. Written in a lively and personal style and using examples taken from real-life situations, the authors illustrate the communication problems experienced by UK customers and Indian staff, offer solutions and give detailed advice and practice on how to improve your communication.

The book and CD will meet the needs of induction and language refreshment courses in call centres, call centre representatives who need to upgrade their communication with the UK, back office processors and all who are dealing with UK customers in the BPO revolution.
Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • How to Use These Materials


    The key features of International English
  • Regional differences in Indian English
  • Why Indian English needs to be adapted to the International market

    Stressful Stress

    Why stress matters in comprehension
  • Word stress and sentence stress
  • Differences between British and Indian English stress patterns
  • Practice
  • Stress test

    Irritating Intonation, Terrifying Speed

    International English and Indian English intonation patterns
  • Sing song doesn’t work
  • How to achieve a relaxing rhythm and intonation pattern
  • Practice
  • Intonation and rhythm test

    English vs Hinglish

    Vocabulary and grammar issues. Is Hinglish the new English?
  • ‘Indian English’ expressions that cause problems for international customers
  • Grammar differences that cause comprehension problems
  • Practice
  • Vocabulary and grammar test

    Refreshing Your Accent

    Why accent can cause comprehension problems. Interference betweenIndian accents and standard international English
  • Accent refresher practice
  • Pronunciation test

    East Enders Innit, Mate!

    Techniques for understanding cultural references
  • Why the Indian view of everyday life in UK may be out of date
  • How to probe cultural references to make sure you understand them
  • Practice in building cultural awareness
  • Cultural awareness test

    Building Empathy – The all Important Skill

    What builds empathy
  • Developing empathy with the customer
  • Active listening
  • Building empathy and handling AHT’s (Average handling times)
  • Practice in empathy building
  • Empathy test

    Distant Voices, Different Styles

    Video conferencing skills
  • Tele-conference skills
  • Email skills
  • Practice
  • Test

    To Infinity and Beyond

  • Building a British environment
  • Practice
  • Test

    Answers to Exercises