Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Subject: General Management
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ISBN 9789350590973
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

Knowledge Management (KM) is slowly but surely becoming a desired course in management education. This book provides a practical approach to designing and implementation of KM Strategy; explaining how to design KM strategy to align business goals with KM objectives and elucidates an approach for implementing KM strategy to make it sustainable. The book covers basic KM concepts, components of KM and the steps that are required for designing KM strategy. The book, therefore, can be used by beginners as well as by practitioners.

The book is supplemented by resource material including PowerPoint presentations for instructors.
Table of Contents

  • o Introduction

    o KM Cycles

    o Communities of Practice for Effective KM Strategy

    o Issues and Challenges in Knowledge Management

    o Designing KM Strategy

    o KM Metrics and KM Audit

    o KM Metrics and KM Audit

    o KM and Web 2.0

    o KM and Cloud Computing

    o KM in Development Sector KM in Development Sector

    o Automation in KM System

    o Case Studies

    o Index