Manpower Problems in South Asia

Manpower Problems in South Asia

Subject: Economics, Sociology
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ISBN 9780333926819
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Edition 1
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About the Book

This book presents the studies carried out under a programme of the Committee on Students for Cooperation in Development in South Asia, which is a non-official corporate body of academic organisations of the countries of South Asia. Under the programme, manpower problems common to all countries of South Asia are discussed as also, the manner in which scope for further improvement can be made through cooperation among the countries concerned.

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Table of Contents

  • Section I: Manpower aspects in Relation to Growth and Development
  • Manpower Developmental Programme in Relation to the Economy in the South Asian Region
  • Incidental Problems of Surpluses and Shortages of Manpower
  • Extent of Utilisation of Manpower Potential for Economic Growth within the Region
  • The Aspect of International Migration
  • Conclusion
  • The Cases of Nepal and Maldives
  • Section II: Country Reports
  • A Case Study of Bangladesh
  • Manpower Situation in India
  • The Case of the Republic of the Maldives
  • Manpower Problems in Nepal
  • Pakistan Country Report
  • Sri Lanka Study