New World Interactive English

New World Interactive English

Reader 8
Subject: English
Class: 8
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ISBN 9789350595497
Boards CBSE
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Language English

Book Summary of "New World Interactive English"

New World Interactive English is a highly popular ELT course with both teachers and students alike It has been designed to immerse students into, and challenge them to engage with,language learning meaningfully It provides adequate scope for honing individual language skills in students of classes 18 The series has been revised to meet specific learning objectives, including blended learning, making it ideally suited for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) The attractive new layout and artworks lend the books a contemporary appeal The audio CDs and Workbooks are perfectly aligned to the Reader Thematically organised lesson structure that helps to achieve the learning objectives easily Every lesson structured to give step-by-step practice in LSRW skills A wide range of text types as reading passages Ample scope for speaking practice Reference points for grasping grammar Pronunciation drills and highlights Interesting vocabulary tasks Life skills and values integrated in a cohesive manner Comprehensive Teachers Manuals and additional worksheets to lend a helping hand to teachers Well-thought-out Formative Assessments (FAs) woven within the lessons enabling remedial learning through collaborative learning and peer correction End-of-term Summative Assessments (SAs) Workbooks and Literature Readers