Principles of Success Made Easy

Principles of Success Made Easy

14 Easy Steps to Climb the Ladder of Success
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ISBN 9780230322691
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

Principles of Success Made Easy – 14 easy steps to climb the ladder of success is the culmination of my onerous efforts of writing something simple yet relevant. It is a pragmatic account of the fundamental principles of achieving success by self-help and is the distilled essence of my years of research and understanding of the dynamics of success.

This practical manual serves as a step-by-step guide to climb the ladder of success. It gives both an in-depth view and a time-tested approach to succeed and chronicles 14 golden principles of achieving success. The principles are wide-ranging and apply to success in any sphere of life. My own life has been transformed by the principles enshrined in this book. Therefore, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be successful in life and seeks happiness.

Principles of Success Made Easy – 14 easy steps to climb the ladder of success would prove to be not only a guidebook for success but also a reservoir and storehouse of strength and motivation. I am sure all my readers would be able to relate to this book, which has been carefully tailored just for them. They would be tempted to read this self-help manual over and over again in order to assimilate its contents and incorporate the principles in their lives. After all, as is said, ‘a good book becomes a part of you!’

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Table of Contents

  • Draft the Blueprint of Your Life
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Build Yourself up
  • Let Confidence be Your Hallmark
  • Never Give up
  • Visualizations and Positive Affirmations
  • The Tripod of Success – Hard work, Perseverance and Discipline
  • Identify Your Achilles’ Heel
  • Skills you Need to Master
  • Get Tough With Stress
  • Organize Yourself - Declutter Your Life
  • Acknowledge and Celebrate Your Success
  • Be a Winner
  • The X – Factor
  • The Defining Moment
  • FAQs of Life