Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore

Selected Short Stories
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ISBN 9780230332775
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

Throughout his life and career, Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), Asia’s first Nobel Laureate (1913), and the most gifted and insightful writer of his time, once hailed as ‘the greatest star shinning in the eastern sky’, remained an ardent advocate of peace, justice and human fraternity. A champion of the spiritual one-identity of humanity, he sought to bring the human race in one nest, overcoming the differences that breed exclusivism, antagonism, prejudice, hatred and violence in society. In a tribute to this iconic Renaissance figure, Bertrand Russell wrote, ‘[Tagore] has contributed… much… to the most important work of our time, namely, the promotion of understanding between races… [and] on this account he is worthy of the highest honour.’ In a similar vein, Einstein commented, ‘[Tagore] served mankind… spreading everywhere a gentle and a free thought in a manner such as the Seers… have proclaimed as the ideal.’

Dubbed Kabiguru (Master Poet) and Biswakabi (World Poet) for his poetic genius and poetic accomplishments, Tagore was also a pioneer of the short story form in Bengali literature. The nineteen short stories selected for this volume, from the full range of his work, representing the various stages of his writing career, and translated from the Bengali original by Mohammad A. Quayum, testify to Tagore’s mastery with the form, his realism, penetrating understanding of human life and human relationships, astute eye for details, love for the people and landscape of his native Bengal, and his capacity to narrate the humdrum and yet profound experiences of his characters in a nimble but figurative prose. They also bring to bear on his magnanimous philosophy of creating a just and harmonious world, through the eradication of various social and cultural orthodoxies, healing of differences between racial and religious groups, and dismantling of caste, class and gender hierarchies, with a compassionate humanism and abiding human fellowship.

The book comes with a comprehensive Introduction and an insightfully written biographical essay that sums up Tagore’s life, moral philosophy and literary achievements in a controlled but eloquent style.
Table of Contents

  • The Postmaster

  • Assets and Debts

  • The Path to Salvation

  • Sacrifice

  • Kabuliwala

  • Subha

  • Mahamaya

  • The Editor

  • Punishment

  • The Professor

  • Privacy

  • Deliverance

  • Imprudence

  • The Auspicious Sight

  • Number One

  • Purification

  • Balai

  • The Painter

  • A Woman’s Conversion to Islam