The Rising Indiapreneur

The Rising Indiapreneur

Instilling Entrepreneurial Skills
Subject: Professional Reference, General Management, Management
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ISBN 9781403924001
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

This book provides diverse and thought-provoking business models that elucidate a blend of professional and entrepreneurial skills essential for creating globally competitive enterprises. A must read for the modern Indian business practitioner, the book offers a stimulating insight into approaches that can be harnessed to drive value/wealth creation innovatively.
Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Setting the Stage
  • Balbir Singh – The Virtual Integrator
  • Ismail Khan – The Turn-arounder
  • Yusuf Parvez – The Horizontal Integrator
  • Robert Castellino – The Orchestrator
  • Tapan Chatterjee – The Innov-Creator
  • Epilogue