Selling Life Insurance

Selling Life Insurance

The Practical Way
Subject: Banking and Finance, Others
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ISBN 9780230638976
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

Selling Life Insurance: The Practical Way is a compilation of the author’s knowledge gathered over five decades of his experience as Life Insurance Agent. When Mr Raman began his career, there were no books or manuals to consult as far as this profession was concerned. Mr Raman considered it his duty to share his experience in this field in order to assist Life Insurance Agents who seriously engage in the profession of selling Life Insurance.

The book starts by welcoming people to this profession and advising them on how to begin a successful career and what life insurance is and why it is an important part of planning for a family’s future is also provided. This leads to discussions on prospecting, introductions, cold canvassing and sales talks. The book addresses how to handle objections and how to face rebating. Servicing the policy is expected from an agent, but servicing the policyholder with sound advice will retail a client as a permanent source for new business. A list of qualities that make a top insurance agent and how to remain on the top by organizing and maintaining records is also explained. This book educates agents and tells them how to face issues without compromising their ideals.
Table of Contents

  • Welcome to This Wonderful Profession
  • A Full-Time Professional Job
  • What is Life Insurance?
  • Prospecting
  • The Approach to Prospects – Some Tips
  • Introduction and Influence
  • Cold Canvassing – Is it really Cold?
  • Sales Talk
  • Objections!
  • Closing
  • Income Persists and Sticks but Capital Melts and Sinks
  • Professional Hazards and Right Attitudes
  • Rebating - How I face this Demon
  • Servicing – What is it?
  • What Makes a Top Life Insurance Salesman?
  • Agent’s own office and Importance of Maintenance of Records
  • Insurance and Investment
  • Inflation Vs Life Insurance
  • We Alone are Real Crorepaties!
  • Human Life Value and Life Insurance
  • Recognitions and Awards
  • Tit-Bits