Understanding Cryptic Crosswords

Understanding Cryptic Crosswords

A Step by Step Guide
Subject: General
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ISBN 9789350590751
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 2
Language English

About the Book

'Crosswords make an interesting and effective educational tool'. Teachers and learners will benefit a great deal by using them in the teaching - learning process considering the high educational benefits of crossword puzzles.' CBSE

  • A handy tool for encouraging logical thinking and analytical skills
  • Hones the student's word attack skills
  • Improves comprehension of unfamiliar passagse as cracking puzzles offers scope for using analytical skills
  • Could be used for formative assessments in the English case
  • Solved puzzles and explanations given at the start to help the unitiated to develop an interest in crossword puzzles
Table of Contents

  • Some Common Queries About Crosswords • Who can solve a crossword? • What are crosswords? • What are the main types of crosswords? • How did it all begin? • What constitutes a cryptic clue? • How can we identify the direct clue? • Are there any rules governing crosswords?• Word MasonryMajor Categories of Cryptic Clues • The ‘Whole Word’ Clues• Anagrams • Double Meaning • Hidden Words • Homophones • First and Last/Odd and Even – Letters • Letters in Reverse Order • Deletions • & Lit! • Cryptic Definitions • Clueing the ‘Part Word’ and 'Letters' • Using Initials • Using Standard Abbreviations • Using Peculiar Crossword Abbreviations/Short Synonyms• Understanding ‘Word Combinations’ or ‘Complex Clues’ • Graded Cryptic Crossword ExercisesGraded Cryptic Crossword Solutions