The Visionary Leader

The Visionary Leader

How to inspire success from the top down
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ISBN 9780230332553
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the book

Success in every area of business and personal life is all about the mindset. The economy is all about mindset. While one person complains about how bad business is, someone else in the same industry and the same marketplace is experiencing his or her greatest growth. Instead of teaching people what to do, Susan Bagyura shows them how to take the lid off their thinking and go after what they really can do!

If you want your company to perform at optimum levels, then you must change the thinking of your people, starting at the top. It is critical to work from a higher level, not a lower one. Whatever is happening in the business is a reflection of what is happening in the mind of the top person. Mindset comes first…..behaviors and results follow. Change the mindset and be prepared for quantum leaps in performance.

With over twenty-five years of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial experience, Susan Bagyura represents a viewpoint that covers several perspectives. She experienced corporate America, and has also lived and worked in Zimbabwe, Ireland, England, and Austria. Her coaching and consulting practice is centered helping small businesses grow by increasing sales and profits, improving communications and reducing staff attrition.

Leadership starts with the individual. We need to know how to lead ourselves and we must act like a leader now. Susan Bagyura’s desire is that people gain what they need to become better leaders-whether it is themselves, an individual, a team or a corporation. You can immediately take her tips and start implementing them. Everything is down is action, ideas without action are useless.

Susan Bagyura brings her expertise from years in sales, marketing, and the corporate world to a new level. Her solid experience as an Executive Leadership coach and a LifeSuccess Consultant gives this book a combination of information and guidance that can make a good, successful business person into a stellar success living an abundant life. The Visionary Leader is a great first step to working with Susan and changing your business, your life and the world around you for the better.

• Learn to be goal achiever, not just a goal setter.

• Sharpen your leadership skills.

• Develop better business relationships.

• Enjoy more success than you thought you could achieve.

• Learn tips to open the door to a more abundant life.