World Class Reliability

World Class Reliability

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ISBN 9780230637016
Binding Hard cover
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

Product excellence is no longer enough to sustain market dominance. Manufacturers in every industry have long known that there is simply no competitive advantage in mediocre offerings, so these days every assembly line is a model of consistency and a guarantor of well-crafted products.

But what happens after your product goes out the door? Does its quality last? Is reliability built in, and can the product withstand years of use, misuse, abuse, and torturous conditions?

World Class Reliability gives you a proven methodology for replicating a lifetime of wear and tear in a tiny fraction of the time, under completely controlled conditions. This authoritative guide to best reliability practices shows you how to upgrade or replace your current reliability program with a comprehensive testing program known as Multiple Environment Overstress Testing, or MEOST.

“The beauty of MEOST,” the authors state, “is its speed in generating failures.” MEOST brings, both in sequence and in combination, an array of extreme conditions that will quickly expose any flaw in the product’s design, manufacture, or assembly. This book takes you through the design and implementation of a MEOST system, covering:

Objectives and Benefits: why reliability is a crucial parameter for product success

What Not to Do: relative shortcomings and flaws in existing reliability methodologies such as mathematical predictors, estimators, and single environment sequential tests

Design: how to incorporate creativity and customer needs into reliable products

Essential Prerequisites for MEOST: designing for manufacturability, minimum variability, maintainability, residual value, and mistake proofing

Destructive Physical Analysis: pre-MEOST evaluation of potential flaws in supplied components

Product Liability Analysis: identifying potential implications of product failures

Field Failure Reliability: ensuring that the MEOST process accurately reflects what will happen in the real world

And more!

Even the greatest quality assurance models are incomplete without a comprehensive life cycle testing program to expose the potential for field failures. World Class Reliability offers a thorough and applicable methodology for bringing a “zero tolerance” failure-proofing process into your design and manufacturing environments—paving the way to greater reliability, substantial financial savings, and a significantly stronger bottom line.
Table of Contents

  • Part I The Challenge for Industry: Regaining Lost Profits
  • Corporate Paradise Lost and Regained
  • A Breakthrough in Reliability-The Need, Objectives, and Benefits
  • Part II What Not to do: Current but Ineffective Reliability Methodologies
  • Reliability Mathematics-Complex and Ineffective
  • Reliability Predictors-Cooking the Books with Reliability Cookbooks
  • Reliability Estimators-A Cloudy Crystal Ball
  • Reliability Demonstration-Throwing Money at the Problem
  • Highly Accelerated Life Tests-HALT and HASS
  • Part III The Climb to MEOST: The Mount Everest of Reliability
  • Base Camp 1-Design Reliability Infrastructure
  • Base Camp 2-Essential Prerequisites for MEOST
  • The Climb to the Mount Everest of Reliability-MEOST
  • The Amazing Versatility of MEOST-New Applications and Challenges
  • Appendix
  • References Index