School Resources

Macmillan Synergy brings you a unique and practical Life Skills Development Programme designed in conjunction with Fortis Healthcare, to empower teachers to impart Life skill education through classroom sessions.

  • Hands-on training on concepts, activities and methods of debriefing in order to fully optimize the effectiveness of these resources.
  • Teacher’s handbook of Life Skills – for children and teenagers.

Life Skill Development Program

Life skills are the skills we need to deal effectively with challenges in everyday life. Teachers who are able to impart life skill education along with academics will find their students better placed to take advantage of educational and employment opportunities.

Study Skill

Study skills are the skills that enables you to study and learn efficiently—they are an important set of transferable life skills. Study skills lead to development of discipline and good work ethics, which leads to success in life. Study skills are needed for academic achievement, more so when a student reaches senior secondary level. These cannot be developed overnight, they are imbibed, practised and honed fully, over years of learning.

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