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News - October 2015

Macmillan Education is a forerunner in teaching innovations. To keep up with the technological developments taking place in the field of education, Macmillan is supporting the teaching fraternity through innovative solutions and methodology workshops. 

With this objective in mind, an exclusive Principal Symposium was organized in Srinagar on the topic “Teaching the 21st century Learner”. The event was conducted by Ms. Jyotsana Bhardwaj, a leading educationist. The event saw participation by leading school Principals and teachers to debate upon improvising teaching for the new age learners. Ms. Chaitali Moitra, VP – Sales, mentioned” ……that Education is continuous learning coupled with enrichment of selves. The French have a saying that goes ‘Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose’ – ‘The more things change, the more things remain the same’. I am happy to say that there could be nothing further from the truth where learning and technology are concerned. Learning and Technology thrive on change, and innovation and the introduction of new and better systems. Macmillan Education is glad to play a strong role in that change which, in turn, helps things move forward in leaps and bounds – and ensures that there is constant progress. These forums give us an opportunity to not only enhance our development as an organisations but also exchange and gather feedback on the market requirements to better equip ourselves for assisting the teaching community."



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Hani Xavi


Testimonials - July 2015

An innovative teaching methodology workshop in Kindergarten – Kottayam, June 20, 2015

Events - June 2015

An exclusive pre-primary teachers’ workshop was organized in Kottayam for the immensely popular Hop, Skip and Jump series. It was attended by 85 pre-primary teachers from 24 schools. The workshop was on adding creativity and fun in a kindergarten classroom through use of new, innovative teaching methods and activities. The Macmillan team won accolades from all quarters for organizing the event.

Workshop on Value Education and Mentor Motivation – Varanasi, June 16, 2015

Events - June 2015

A group school workshop was conducted at Swami Har Sewanand Public School, Jagatganj, Varanasi on Value Education and Mentor Motivation. The workshop was conducted by Ms Prerna Arman and there was enthusiastic participation by 150 teachers.

Workshop on Communicative English and Soft Skills – Kasargode, May 26-29, 2015

Events - May 2015

A four day workshop was organized in Chinmaya - Kasargode on Communicative English and Soft Skills. The objective of the workshop was to encourage teachers to use Communicative Language Teaching approach in English teaching to improve the students’ language acquisition abilities. The resource person emphasized on improving one’s personality through working on individual traits like communication, social graces, leadership, attitude etc.




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