Class 9 & 10

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Summary of "Winners"

Winners opens channels of communication between teenagers and adults The message for the teenager is not prescriptive it is descriptive The spirit of the series is central to the thought process of the teenager at the target age group Concepts explained through simple and easy activities that can be done individually and in groups Stories of people from real life Makes the study of core values interesting and easy for high school students
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On the Xpressway

Class 1 to 8

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Summary of "On the Xpressway"

On the Xpressway is an integrated English course based on the communicative approach for classes 1 8 The title has been used as a metaphor for an enjoyable journey of language learning charting the stages of the journey using the buzzwords that mark a drive on an expressway Well designed lessons to achieve expected learning outcomes in LSRW skills Variety of listening activities modelled on real life situations Rich selection of factual literary and discursive reading passages drawn from native as well as international English Well thought out speaking tasks based on many topics of interest Varied vocabulary tasks and pronunciation drills Grammar items to provide a reference point for correctness in language used Writing tasks with adequate pre writing support on recommended topics Life skills and values integrated in a cohesive manner Scope for self assessment and peer assessment through well designed FA and SA tasks Literature Readers and Workbooks Detailed and comprehensive Teacher s Manuals Digital support to engage today s generation of learners leading to a truly interactive and individualised teaching learning experience
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Maths Xpress

Class 0 to 8

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Summary of "Maths Xpress"

Maths Xpress has been designed and developed by practising teachers and Math experts for students of classes 0 8 It is in total compliance with the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation CCE scheme and the learning objectives for Mathematics laid down in the National Curriculum Framework NCF 2005 Includes formative and summative assessments across the course to help teachers identify the learning gaps and take remedial action Offers scope for employing Higher Order Thinking Skills HOTS to solve problems Speed Math and Mental Math prepare students to carry out quick calculations Math Lab Activity and Project provide students with hands on experience of the concepts Fun with Math and Math Game for classes 3 5 as well as Math is Fun for classes 6 8 reinforce the concepts taught in a fun and engaging way Bettermarks A 100 hour package of individualised Maths Practice developed by renowned teachers now comes with these books for classes 4 8









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