Diagnostic and detailed reports have helped us understand our child’s weak areas in Maths, English & Science and provide inputs for improvements.

Dr. Seema Oberoi Lall, Parent of Aarush Lall

Year-on-Year participation in these assessments helps my child to know his standing amongst his peer group nationally and globally.

Mrs. Smita Maharaj Jain, Parent of Siddhant Jain

...follows a unique and comprehensive system of testing and evaluation which enables the participating schools to assess them in comparison to international standards.

-S Bose, Principal, St Stephens School, Guwahati

...a wonderful opportunity for the children to participate in a global assessments and testing their academic skills in Science, English, Mathematics and Digital Technologies. It was a revealing to let the students know their strengths and weakness and give the school a comparative study of the students.

-Nitu Bakshi, Co-ordinator, Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, Delhi

...very happy with the test results and how they were given. We found the way they showed the results very easy to read and helpful. The way they had broken the questions up into skill areas of the subject was great for our curriculum development and knowing what our students' strengths and weaknesses are.

-Mrs Fiona Hall, Admissions Manager, Coordinator of Student Services, International School Dhaka, Bangladesh

...Is an excellent system of assessment by assessing the intelligence, skills and concepts of the child and not merely his or her power of retention or diligence.

-M Bhatacharya, Headmistress, Dolna Day School Trusst, Kolkata