English Ferry to set sail in India

Macmillan Education India published a new ELT series for 2016 academic year. The series called English Ferry has generated great enthusiasm amongst publishing, sales and marketing teams. Close to 15 launch events have been held with active participation of reviewers, authors and people whose stories the series carries.

The Kerala team conducted innovative thematic ELT city workshops (“Cruise with English”) which saw extensive participation from school teachers, first of a kind in the publishing arena. The workshops in the North and East targeted participation of school leadership through expert lectures, coupled with Ferry launch and book display. In the West, English Ferry has captured the imagination of the teachers - video clips recorded by our sales team show the ferry being rated as 10/10.

Inquiries and requests for samples are flowing in and everyone is now waiting with bated breath for the orders to flow in.

A big kudos to the entire school team.