Our Story

Our Story

Macmillan’s guiding objective is to enhance education worldwide by supporting communities with culturally and geographically appropriate publishing programs and service. Macmillan’s pioneering spirit and reputation for quality has enabled us to build lasting relationships with teachers, educators and students.

At Macmillan Education we help learners around the world to achieve more. We support students, instructors and institutions through a lifetime of learning by providing them with world class content in the most relevant, engaging and flexible formats. Our passion for learning and commitment to education is second to none, which is why Macmillan Education remains the most trusted partner to deliver innovative solutions that will drive student performance and help educators and institutions to deliver excellent results


Help learners around the world to achieve more


Providing the highest quality content in the most relevent , engaging and flexible formats which...

  • Make children excited to learn
  • Help teachers better engage in classroom
  • Give students the opportunity to learn for themselves
  • Enable teachers to continue to develop professionally
  • Bring subjects and disciplines to life
  • Give learners the skill to move from classroom to workplace
  • Transform the ways school,colleges and universities deliver education
  • Encourage a lifelong love of learning

Listening closely to the experiences of teachers and instructors


Partnering with the worlds most respected names in education and academia


Support students, educators and institutions through a lifetime of learning

Macmillan Education with over 120 years of experience in publishing is a forerunner in content development in India. At Macmillan Education India we push the frontiers of learning and discovery by providing the best content and most innovative technology to learners and educators. We do this by placing their needs at the centre of all we do and sharing their passion for transforming lives around the world. Macmillan’s educational books developed by leading academicians and practicing teachers are research-based, learner-centric, culture and gender sensitive, and are the first choice of over 15,000 schools pan India. Macmillan Education is proud of the important part we play at all stages of the learning journey. We are a place for curious minds who are working to develop the next generation.