Banking and Finance Books

Macmillan Training Services has a huge library of resources that are readily available online. These resources cover banking and other aspects of finance in a way that helps professionals excel and attain self-actualisation. From Retail Banking and Risk Management to Rural Banking and Treasury Management, there is something for every finance professional.

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The main objective of these Banking and Finance resources are to keep pace with the changing contours of the banking and financial sector, be aware of the regulatory changes and compliance. The coverage of these books cover:

o Retail Banking
o Risk Management
o Central Banking
o Financial Advising
o Corporate Banking
o Bank Financial Measurement
o Human Resource Management
o Digital Banking/Information Technology
o International Banking
o Treasury/Risk Management
o Compliance
o Rural Banking, Co-operative Banks, NBFCs and Differentiated Banks

Macmillan Education India through its vocational education offers various resources to handhold educators and Professionals at every step of the way to learn and improve their skills with Macmillan Education.