Developed in partnership with Genius Corner, an Edtech partner for Adaptive Assessments & Personalised Learning Platform. The platform for MY MIDAS and MY MIDAS PLUS uses Assessment for and as Learning framework through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to provide actionable intelligence to educators to foster learning.


Due to remote teaching, there is learning loss in students and schools need to cover these the learning gaps. Timely corrective action will help learners clear their concepts before spiralling to higher ones, thus enhancing learning outcomes. MY MIDAS is a structured diagnostic assessment for learning designed to measure grade appropriate learning outcomes. MY MIDAS identifies areas of strengths and improvement in learners and supports reinforcement of learning through Virtual tutor and detailed explanations. The results of MY MIDAS show a complete learner profile at concept level and on the outcomes defined in Bloom’s Taxonomy. Through rich insights drawn from detailed analytics, MY MIDAS empowers educators and parents to support learners, in improving their academic performance.


The National Education Policy 2020 emphasises using assessment for full school and student development. MY MIDAS PLUS Will help teachers to continuously assess and support students in learning, using Artificial Intelligence to improve full school performance.