Macmillan Midas is a structured diagnostic assessment for learning. Macmillan Midas is designed to measure grade appropriate learning outcomes in accordance with the National Curriculum Framework. Macmillan Midas identifies areas of strengths and improvement in learners and supports reinforcement of learning through Digital Learning tutor and detailed explanations. The results of Macmillan Midas show a complete learner profile at concept level and on the outcomes defined in Bloom’s Taxonomy. Through rich insights drawn from detailed analytics, it empowers educators and parents to support learners, in improving their academic performance.

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  • Time Bound Diagnostic Assessment
  • Exam Readiness – Practice frequently asked questions from each chapter
  • Self Assessment – On-Demand assessment for students to do self evaluation across chapters
  • Think Smarter – Practice questions that have been answered correctly by only top 8-10% of the students
  • Insights for student, parent, teacher & management
  • Strengths and Needs of every student
  • Concept level, questions level, BLOOM’s taxonomy analysis for individual student
  • Performance trends and class level reporting
  • Competency based learning material
  • Concept specific videos on the areas of need
  • Personalized worksheets