Macmillan prides itself on being ‘partners in education’ and the The School Engagement Programme is a step in that direction. Macmillan has a rich repertoire of holistic content, encompassing scholastic and co–scholastic content, training and assessment. The content and expertise curates experiential opportunities for students, teachers and schools, be it events like an annual day function, intra-school debate, or bringing out a school magazine.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT – Enhance creativity, critical thinking and leadership skills.

CAPACITY BUILDING – Develop linguistic skills, scientific temper and mathematical abilities through science exhibitions, math Olympiads and quizzes.

CULTURAL AWARENESS – Encourage talent through musical and dance performances, school carnivals, fetes, summer camps, art competitions etc

CAREER ORIENTATION / CAREER PREPARATION – Provide career counselling for students in the school

SCHOLARSHIPS – Recognise exemplary achievements in the arts by awarding deserving students.

GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING – Conduct workshops providing guidance on parenting, health & wellness, child development etc