Identifying the need for holistic education to help children achieve academic excellence and personal growth, Macmillan Education is vested in curating rich and insightful resources to help educators and children grow attuned to the demands of an evolving world.

Macmillan Education offers a variety of resources and activities for the classroom, focused on key issues faced by learners to facilitate all-round development of children by promoting mental health awareness, healthy eating habits, and efficient studying techniques.

An educator’s role is not only to educate a child in the prescribed syllabi, but to prepare, inspire and motivate the child for the journey of life. To help fulfill this purpose and equip them and in various skills and strategies for effective classroom organization and management, Macmillan Education India offers various resources to handhold educators in their journey of teaching- learning

Educating a child needs the involvement and co-operation of teachers, students and parents for it to be successful. Macmillan Education aims to develop relevant and impactful content that serves the needs of parents and supports them in their child’s learning needs. Macmillan resources carefully designed to create the best possible learning environment for learners.

Meeting the needs of learners worldwide means so much more than producing high-quality resources – we are here to support teachers and students at all stages to get the most from education.Macmillan Education encourages learners to achieve more by providing resources in the most relevant formats, which make learners excited to learn.We ignite a love of learning with interactive tools and content that engage, motivate, and prepare each learner for success. Because learning is a never-ending road of discovery, it needs to meet each student where they are.