When brothers Daniel and Alexander Macmillan founded their publishing company in 1843, they created a place that would recognize and value great contemporary writing. They made a mark on the literary world, publishing an extraordinary range of works by extraordinary authors: Lewis Carroll, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Thomas Hardy and Rudyard Kipling to name but a few.

The brothers’ belief in the importance of learning was reinforced with every step the company took. They launched Nature, a scientific research journal, followed by Palgrave imprint, which focuses on promoting education and academic scholarships around the globe. To this day, both are leaders when it comes to groundbreaking research in their respective fields. A new found focus on education as an investment area for the organization came into being with the ascension of former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan to the Chairmanship of the organization in the middle of the twentieth century. Macmillan Education continues to build on the rich heritage of the era that saw the organization firmly establish itself as a global leader in educational publishing. We have also successfully carved a niche in the knowledge dissemination domain catering to teachers, learners, and professionals.