Macmillan Education is at the forefront of helping teachers better equip themselves for their roles and overcome the challenges they face in the classrooms. Macmillan Education has made huge strides bringing an exhaustive spectrum of teacher training courses to educators across the country. We also give banking and finance students and professionals access to a range of useful ebooks created and curated by esteemed authors and contributors.

Macmillan Education offers an exhaustive spectrum of courses with relevant, engaging, high quality content in flexible digital formats, used by millions of educators and professionals around the world.Our courses are tailored for skill upgradation and professional accreditation through complete online learning. We also give access to banking and finance students and professionals access to a wide range of highly curated eBooks by eminent authors and contributors.

Providing the highest quality content, in the most relevant, engaging and flexible formats for educators and professionals, through a spectrum of online courses that have helped millions, around the world.

Macmillan Training Services has a huge library of ebooks that are readily available online. The books cover banking and other aspects of finance in a way that helps professionals excel and attain self-actualisation. From Retail Banking and Risk Management to Rural Banking and Treasury Management, there is something for every finance professional.

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