Providing students and teachers with everything they need to succeed in education, in the workplace, and in life, and improve the outcomes of their efforts and initiatives.

In this rapidly changing world, school education must evolve and prepare for the new ethos. Innovative approaches must be employed to engage children and foster their curiosity and creativity. We engage holistically with schools, teachers and students by diving deep into the ecosystem to understand their needs. We provide comprehensive support and learning solutions to make teaching-learning relevant and enjoyable, and build productive citizens of the future.

The digital revolution has reduced distances across cultures and locations. There is a greater access to information with shifting trends in education. Macmillan Education has kept itself a step ahead by investing in learning systems for the new world.

A realisation of our vision to be ‘Partners in Education’ with schools, the School Engagement Programme by Macmillan Education is a part of our endeavour to go beyond being just a publisher, and enrich schools through our expertise in content development–scholastic and co–scholastic, training and assessment. Through this programme, we support our customers in vital areas that are important to them.

Macmillan’s custom publishing programme has been designed to match preferences of different schools. This flexibility has allowed educational resources to be organised according to an individual’s preference or syllabi requirements of academic institutions to enhance teaching and learning.

We help you choose from our list of print and digital resources for K-12 that will suit your individual learning and teaching needs.