Macmillan offers a very wide range of opportunities to those who are ready to work in a challenging and stimulating environment. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just out of college, Macmillan offers a range of employment opportunities across functions including sales, editorial and operations. Its employee-friendly policies offer a highly congenial environment to work in.

A career at Macmillan puts you through challenging and satisfying work life which helps you realise your true potential. Everything you learn and do here contributes to your individual growth and that of the organization.

Why Work at Macmillan


Macmillan Publishers India Pvt Limited is a part of the Springer group ( Macmillan has worldwide presence over 100+ countries and has been a 120 year old establishment in India.

We are all part of a strong and successful business sharing a common set of values and goals. Our ability to grow year after year is driven by our ability to attract, develop, and retain world-class people who will thrive in our environment.

Education is a growing sector and at Macmillan you will get an opportunity to learn and explore and contribute to millions of young lives every day!!!

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Fun @ Work

The congenial and stimulating atmosphere at Macmillan makes work a pleasurable experience. We believe in happy and content employees who enjoy their work. Our people are empowered to choose how to fit their work around their life and grow to fulfil their potential. At Macmillan we work as a family celebrating all our happy and memorable moments together.


We strive to make Macmillan a great place to work by creating a culture that is inventive, supportive and passionate. We encourage an environment that rewards success and gives each associate an opportunity to learn and grow within the Company. Our robust reward & recognition program motivates and prompts all team members to strive and give their best performance at work.

Our commitment to living our values with a strong foundation of ethics and integrity has earned us the trust and respect of our employees and customers.

As an equal opportunity employer, we have not placed any constraints on gender, background and age for people who want to join us.