Courses aligned to National Education Policy, 2020.

Teacher quality is the most important determinant of student learning. Teachers require regular infusion of techniques and knowledge required to be on top of their professions. Macmillan Education believes that sustainable solutions for professional development are those that utilize technology.

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 brings a fresh outlook on teaching-learning through emphasis on experiential learning, art integration and learner centricity. To develop a capable cadre of teachers ready to adapt to new learner centric methodologies, Macmillan Education offers interactive online courses aligned to NEP 2020.

These courses are aligned to NEP recommendations and are designed to sensitize teachers to adopt online teaching, Art Integration in learning and Experiential Learning pedagogy in their teaching to improve students’ understanding of concepts.

Implementing Experiential Learning in Classroom

NEP 2020 is focussing on transforming classes into experiential learning centers for students, this training will provide us with various activities and sample lesson plans that we can use in our classes both online and offline to promote experiential learning.

Duration: 2 weeks
Time: 4-6 hours per week.

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